The Great North American Road Trip Part II

20140712_101423 There is a strange allure to the life of a vagabond. With no where in particular to be and all the time in the world to get there, life is a constant adventure. Every heartbeat, every breath, every experience is meaningful. When the numbness of existence is countered by the flow of the blood through your veins you awaken to a broader perspective of life. You can not help but smile and be happy for the chance to be alive and appreciate the moments that create your story so far. 10383477_10152479716052860_8047830529182165711_nOur minds opened a little wider and feeling refreshed from a night with out clothes we headed to the next couch. A place more central to the City and inhabited by one of the nicest guys I have met to date. We arrived at his fairly fancy apartment in the afternoon. Immediately we were greeted and taken up to be shown where we would be sleeping. Apparently in his room. He was going to sleep on an air mattress in his study; what an incredible man! He gave us a key and code to the apartment, offered us an iPad with data to help us get around town, informed us that we could eat whatever we wanted and then dropped us into town for a night out drinking (legally). 20140624_184604 We got outrageously drunk talking to the locals and partying until early in the morning, teaching everyone Danish drinking songs and loving the fact we could all drink at a bar together. Montreal felt like its own country, absolutely beautiful and distinctly French. It was as if we had traveled into Europe instead of North America. We certainly had fun in Montreal. 20140629_121130 Next on the list was the capital, Ottawa. This was another town where we couldn’t find accommodation. Not to worry, we got a tip from our naked friend about a really cool hostel located in an old jail. This turned out to be a great recommendation. The place was really cool, the bar served cheap drinks and hosted an Open Mic comedy night then Open Mic Jamming night so we were happy. We spent most of our time looking for good coffee and pub crawling enjoying our new found freedom. 20140627_124516 Next stop was Toronto where we spent the most time in Canada. We just happened to be in town for the weekend of the World Pride LGBT Festival and Canada Day long weekend so the city was going crazy. After a night with a great couple on the outskirts of the city, we a stayed with a host who had just gotten back from Denmark. He was eager to share the karma with some people from Denmark, he said Australia was pretty cool too.

Success we found good coffee, and then another one, and another one, ok Toronto has good coffee we would have been happy with just that. But there was so much more for Toronto to show us. 20140628_150353 We decided to visit Niagara Falls the next day, a big cross off my bucket list. We were joined by a couchsurfer who just wanted to hang out and show us around and we had a lot of fun together and were disappointed to part ways. It was a great day and the magic of the falls left us smiling all the way home.

The next day we checked out the rest of Downtown, including the parade, which was another unique experience in the refreshingly liberal Toronto. After one last night of drinking we started the journey back to the USA and under-age drinking. 20140628_165701 Our first stop was Detroit; I talked in an earlier post about the craziness that was Detroit and as you would know if you read it, we fucking loved it! Also, still the best coffee in the USA so far.

Unfortunately, we only got to stay one night in Detroit and the next day we headed for Omaha to meet the man who bought my friend’s motorbike in Colombia. 20140701_104001 After a night in a town outside Omaha, we made it to the house of the South African biker who was happy to have us, along with his parents, grandparents, half-brother and girlfriend. It was a full house and we were treated to some luxury hospitality. From visiting mansions in the country side, eating good steak and wine, it was a stark contrast to the weeks of sleeping  on floors and eating at petrol stations. 20140711_110412 We had a lot of fun just hanging out and enjoying the hospitality but we had to get to Denver. We pulled an 8 hour day and arrived in Denver in the evening at the house of one of my Danish friend’s uncles. He lives on a 3 hectare property, 20 minutes out of Denver, with horses, dogs, ducks and chickens and a stunning view of the Rockies. It was magical. 20140711_121652 We stayed there two nights and headed up to Grand Lakes in the Rockies of Colorado. Wow, this place is stunning, unbelievably beautiful and one of my favourite spots from the trip. We camped there two nights and went exploring on hikes throughout the National Park. We had to take a shower in the freezing cold lake and sampled some of the now legal Colorado marijuana. We had an amazing time. 20140714_110100 Next we headed up to Rapid City to see the Great Plains and Mt Rushmore. We camped again and once again took in the incredible scenery. On the way back to Denver we stopped in at a drive-thru wildlife park. They had bears, wolves, elk and more. It was pretty amazing to see these animals so close, but you got the feeling it was a bit claustrophobic for them. 20140712_101046 We headed back to Denver for a couple more nights and finally ended the road trip with smiles on our faces we said goodbye and promised to meet up again in the future. What an incredible adventure. Those strangers became some of the best friends I had ever made and I made plenty more along the way. If there is one thing this particular journey has taught me it is that people are indeed inherently good. 20140711_123032 We received nothing but kindness on our trip through North America. I witnessed the power of humanity and people willing to help a stranger out. It was refreshing and even thinking back on it I cannot help but feel elated.

People tend to underestimate people. Granted you can find those people who find no joy in life and infect others with their negativity and selfishness but that is not the norm. People are willing and often happy to help each other, our journey was a testament to this.

I am truly thankful to be living the life I am living right now and the people I meet along the way inspire me to keep going and keep discovering more about life and this world.

Check out Part I Here. 20140712_104334


“I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will prevail. I’m an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the end of the story, you get to see the good people live happily ever after.” – Cat Stevens


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