The Great North American Road Trip Part I


The road trip is over. We travelled almost 6,000 kilometres (roughly 3,800 miles), we stayed in Mansions, in student housing, in tents, in the car, in hostels and strangers houses. We visited over 20 major cities and small towns over two countries. We partied, hiked, chilled, walked, talked, got high, swam, worked, got naked (I can explain!) and had the time of our freaking lives. We did it all in just over a month and finally I can breathe again!

I met a Danish guy earlier in the year whilst visiting Medellin in Colombia, he was a friendly guy, up for a party and planning to travel around Colombia and Ecuador on a motorcycle he bought in Medellin. After four nights in Medellin drinking and meeting other travelers we parted ways, but exchanged contact details in case our paths crossed again in South America.


As it turned out we never met up down south, but roughly two months ago he posted about a road trip he was taking across America and Canada; I had planned to go to New York and make my way to San Francisco from there. I asked if he was heading through New York and as it turned out, he would be there 4 or 5 nights after I arrived. So it was decided. I was going to San Francisco via Canada.

On the morning of the 16th we picked up another Danish friend and set out on a journey to Denver and everywhere in between. This was going to be interesting – I had only spent four days with the first Danish friend and I had just met the other that morning; three essential strangers were going to take on the States. I was excited.


Our first stop was New Haven, the home of Yale and apparently America’s first hamburger. Yale was stunning and the people were friendly. We stayed with a guy from Nigeria who was interested in our stories and the homes we were away from. After a pretty relaxing night we headed to Boston.

We had agreed that in the interest of saving money and to ensure we had some crazy experiences we were going to find accommodation wherever we could using It certainly ensured we saved money and had some truly unique and amazing experiences and I would highly recommend this service, it’s free too. Unfortunately Boston was not somewhere we could find accommodation.


We stayed in the cheapest hostel in town but still had to put in a fairly heavy investment for the pleasure. Boston was fun but we soon realised traveling with a 21-year-old (me) and two 20-year-olds was going make it difficult to have a lot more fun in the United States. We decided to head for Canada as soon as possible.

We spent one night in the small town of Woodstock, Vermont with a lovely couple who offered us a whole freaking house to stay in along with dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch, we made our way for the Vermont border.  After an extremely beautiful scenic drive, a friendly border guard and another stamp to add to our passport collection, we were in French Canada. Unsurprisingly, everything was in fucking French!



After a lot of confusion and a few wrong turns we arrived at one couchsurfers house for what was going to be one of the most memorable nights of the trip. We had put out a public request for anybody in Montreal to which we only received one reply.

The message went something like this:

“Hey guys I love meeting new people and hosting couch surfers. I have a pool, a sauna, a beer pong table, and BBQ. I love to have a few drinks so we can have a BBQ and a few beers.”


Man this sounds great, we all agree, my friend kept reading…

“Also if you checked my profile you would’ve found out that I am, in fact, a nudist. I hope you feel comfortable with this and I would say that no-one (of which there were over 140) has ever not participated. So I would expect that you respect the rules and participate.”


With nowhere else to stay and an exercise in open-mindedness we agreed and started preparing (mostly laughing) for the upcoming night. 10 minutes out from the place it finally set in what we were about to do, the car went silent.


We pulled up to a house in the suburbs our host comes to the waist high gate he doesn’t have a shirt on.

“Holy shit this guy is actually naked.”

He opened the gate to come and greet us. He was wearing pants. Ahhhh… the group breathed a sigh of relief.

We went inside. Talked, drank some beers and exchanged stories of travel, still no nakedness.

We decided to set up a game of beer pong while our host got the BBQ going. Some time passed and we heard some movement upstairs. Our host came down stairs completely naked.

“Ok guys, house rule no clothes.”


Reluctantly we took our clothes off and stood there completely naked, after about 10-15 minutes of laughter things started to just get normal. I felt natural (Go Figure!). I actually really enjoyed myself we laughed and got drunk and forgot we were naked. I am definitely not announcing my conversion to Nudism but hey it’s not that bad or as scary as it sounds. Just one more experience I guess.

#Disclaimer: Sorry I have been so late with my blog posts. We rarely had enough time to sleep, let alone create and upload a blog post. The content should be coming more frequently from now on.


“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” – Jack Kerouac


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3 thoughts on “The Great North American Road Trip Part I

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  3. Wow! Sounds like an awesome adventure. I like to travel, and met a few Danish people on a flight. They were so kind…it seemed the culture of community was different than I’m used to. Also, during a hike on the Appalachian Trail a couple of hikers and I decided to strip our inhibitions for a photo shoot on top of a large bald hill. It was freeing and awesome! Glad you all had a blast 🙂

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