An Impossible Moment

A moment that feels infinite

A dream with an open end

If you believe in the impossible

Perhaps Happiness is possible to defend,


The Future is a mystery

The Past is to be forgot

Beauty can last forever

Even if the moment does not,

Life is made of experience

That forces us to grow old

If only for that moment

You were the beauty in my world,

I can be a dreamer

chase what seems could never be

I know happiness is possible

when you’re lying next to me,

A moment that feels infinite

A dream with an open end

I believe in the impossible

in ecstasy that transcends.


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2 thoughts on “An Impossible Moment

  1. I love the mountain photo. What a great place to have prayer!
    Also, I enjoy your poetry. The few that I read were light and entertaining which I prefer over the somber and morbid styles. I’m glad you won a jet pack ride. Congratulations!
    I’d like to borrow this photo for my book, ‘Cooper’s Mountain’. I have ‘Jordan’s Justice’ to write next then I’ll do CM. I really have to write faster!!

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