In Love with a Shooting Star

shooting star

A shooting star burns through the night sky

Replacing darkness with light

In the moment your paths cross

So Beautiful and wondrous brings tears to the eyes,

Ignited with awe and wonder

With love and even fear

With melancholic longing

Just want it to be near,


And in an instant it is gone,

And in an instant you sigh,

Wonder is it gone forever

 Dare you say goodbye,

Girl you are my shooting star

Rocketing far, far above the earth

Hold onto the light you fill me with

 Your love, your touch even the hurt,

Because in a flash it is over

This part of the journey we have begun

Everything worthwhile is finite

Eventually must come the new sun,

Although now our paths must differ

Although it feels like I could cry

Girl you know I promise,

You will never leave my night sky…


I wrote this poem about leaving someone you love. About going on your own journey and having to leave someone behind but being thankful for the time you spent with that person, promising not to forget them, and dreaming of  seeing them again. It is about the finite, melancholic beauty of love.

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