Life as a paradox


Everything has been happening so fast from meeting incredible people to discovering Mexico city the most alive city I have had the pleasure of seeing. I have been so greedy for new experience in this city of organised chaos I haven’t had time to properly update my blog for fear of missing something.

It was only moments before I stepped out of the plane onto the earth 12,500 kilometres from where I started that the enormity of my journey had hit me. The normal comforts of sharing my experience with friends and family seemed worlds away. I realised that for at least a whole year I would not be able to see the light I saw, in the people I loved eyes, when I told them about my journey. Not until I returned and we would meet once again. All the comforts of home were gone and it felt both liberating and daunting to shed the constraints comfort creates and allow myself to grow.

Since arriving I can appreciate the road as my home. I have met so many amazing people and something unique happens when you travel. You open up because tomorrow you may not see that person again you feel no reason to hide from one another. When a group of people are simply themselves you can make lifelong friendships in a night a beautiful experience I hope to continue to enjoy throughout my travels.


We were taken in by some local people to experience their remarkable hospitality and of course UFC 168 where one of my heroes Anderson Silva was taken to hospital after a devastating kick broke his leg. It was tough to watch and those of us in support of Anderson were really taken back as we struggled to find something positive from the outcome. I have had so many great experiences from seeing the Museo De Antropologia to getting lost in the city and stumbling across a Christmas parade. I suppose I should be thankful that the lowest point in my trip has been because my favourite fighter was injured in a sport of injuries.


I have already had many philosophical conversations with people from all over the world and we all come to agree that we are just all the same, with similar problems, goals and a shared love of traveling. One conversation in particular stuck with me about this paradox of life as both insignificant and incredible beyond measure. Imagine looking upon the earth as a speck in the night sky from a vantage point inconceivably far away. At that moment we are both nothing but a “mode of dust suspended in a sunbeam” but we are also the universe that speck (us) is part of it we are expansive unimaginably so, and we are beautiful and most importantly we are one.


“On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam” – Carl Sagan (Mexico City, Mexico)

p.s. This is an incredible video

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