A Citizen of the World


Now only days before I disembark on an adventure that is certain to be the greatest time of my life so far. I feel as if I have been stuck in a limbo between wanting to squeeze every ounce of experience and fun out of each remaining second I have in this beautiful country; whilst also feeling like I could explode from the emotional cocktail of excitement, fear and sadness I feel towards my next journey. It is as if I am finally experiencing life at the right speed, each day is distinct and never too short or long.


I have spent the last few days with a large group of close friends partying in what would have to be my favourite beach in the world. Rainbow Beach. Rainbow is a few hours’ drive north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia in a scarcely populated town full of backpackers stopping in to take the barge to Fraser Island. Words are really lost on it so I will have to let the pictures speak for themselves.


I am feeling more ready than ever. I have been slowly ticking off the people I have yet to say goodbye to and now only my family remains when they wave me goodbye at the airport. Rainbow has refreshed my soul and I feel content with the last experiences my home country has given me.


As of two days from now I will be on my own on the other side of the world living for experience completely free of the superficial things in life, the way I think I have been longing to live my whole life. My head is ready this time, I feel stronger in body and soul and I cannot wait to do what life is really all about and that is to just experience. I think that what we really fear in death is that we have not lived at all. I certainly do not intend to spend my whole life having not lived, having not taken risks, having never grown.


It is a frightening and liberating experience embarking into the unknown. I have a one way ticket to Mexico and the only other things I am taking with me is my backpack, some vague plans of what I want to see and do, a 6 month commitment to stay in Colombia, and my white belt. I don’t have a time frame beyond the first 6 months I will just see where the universe is going to take me and so I do not know when I will come back or even if I will come back. I am not an Australian I am a human my home is earth. My home is wherever I can put my feet up after experiencing the wonders of each new day I am finally ready for my journey to begin!


“To live fully one must be free, but to be free one must give up security, therefore to live one must be ready to die” – Tom Robbins


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