Mushroom guide through Mayan ruins



A lot has happened and a lot has been learnt since my last post. It is a new year for one Feliz años Nuevo! And one that I’ll certainly never forget although my normal attitude of ‘leaving things to the last minute and they will work’ at this busy time of the year failed me. With hopes of going all over the country dashed by booked out hostels and buses I spent the New Year in Mexico City but was still able to see the absolutely stunning pyramids in Teotihuacan.


Mexico City


Although one town did peak my curiosity more than any other, a town called Palenque in Southern Mexico. I met the craziest Norwegian I have ever met, an entrepreneur and intrepid traveller who told us of vague stories he heard of mushrooms that grow on Mayan ruins in Southern Mexico. He had decided to instead go to Oaxaca but I was interested to say the least. So with nothing but an elusive promise we booked a thirteen hour bus trip on New Year’s Day from Mexico city to Palenque.


Mushrooms near the palace

The rumours were true and we were able to procure our plant guide for the day with astonishing ease. The effect was very internal, the locals explain that it helps you feel the jungle more rather than hallucinate. And like all psychedelics the feeling is hard to describe. It’s focus was on appreciation and I found myself just sitting in awe and wonder taking in the most beautiful scenery. It was very peaceful but the best way to describe it as the Velvet Underground lyrics go… “oh and I guess that I just don’t know”.



It was a truly beautiful experience and it seemed to work together with another deep thought I had on the bus trip here. It has always bothered me the line “the path of least resistance”. Because at least in my experience when people have used it, in some cases it just sounds like an excuse to not do something difficult. But after Meditating on the thought for a while atop the Temple of the Cross I think I finally get it.


View From A top the Temple of the Cross

I think in part the term “path of least resistance” can be misunderstood. It does not refer to the right now, the path is a journey and hopefully for us all a long one. If you take a route on your path that deviates simply to avoid something difficult you may create resistance in your future. But if you are conscious of what you need, what will make you stronger and what must be avoided, you can stay true to your path. Experience either good or bad makes you, and the river of life flows onwards gaining strength at each point it falls.

ImageOnwards to Guatemala!

“I do not think that the banks of a river suffer because they let the river flow” – Frida Kahlo (Palenque, Mexico)

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