They didn’t fall in love

They didn’t fall in love. A fall is sudden, unexpected, violent. It is as if they climbed down into it. Making sure that each step down, was just as easy to take back up.

The thing about falling is each second of flight magnifies the pain of impact.

You see I don’t think anybody ever really means to be in love, at least, not to fall into it. They stood on the precipice, looking down into the unknown abyss, terrified of losing control.

Deep down knowing, beyond darkness, beyond fear, in weightlessness, they would forget their ephemerality, lost in the eternity of the fall.

Yet, still they stood, paralysed, not willing to hurt. They, like most of us would rather not have it, than to see from above, loves end. To plummet helplessly towards the pain.

They didn’t fall in love. They climbed, carefully. Because they knew, they’d seen others before them, and they knew.

No one survives a great love.


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