The Anatomy Of A Broken Heart

Photo By Katarzyna Dembrowska

Her eyes they locked with his

For a moment, no longer

Both felt from deep within

A Feeling growing stronger

A world still yet to experience

A life still yet to be

He promised her the universe

She promised to make him see

Her breath it warmed his chest

His heartbeat soothed her ear

Lay together for hours

Say nothing they just stare

They grew together, laughed together

Held each other and cried

Made Shakespearean promises

Could not live if the other died

Adventure it was calling

They parted ways and wept

With innocence and hopefulness

Alone now they slept

Worry and misunderstanding

Insecurity and fear

Melancholic happiness

All they wanted was each other here

Can distance make the heart grow fonder?

Or does it poison, turn love violent?

Hurt, pain, frustration, screams!

Then silence, only silence

Now strangers in a crowd

They smile and nod politely

There is happiness and history

Their eyes meet only slightly

But their love it is not there

A casualty of youth

Their hearts they cannot bear

Victims of the truth.


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