In Brazil Feeling Love And Appreciation


Rocketing through the sky headed to a land I know nothing about, a language I don’t know a word of, with US$25 in my wallet.

These are the moments you feel most Alive. Uncertainty, wonder and adventure.

These are the nostalgic moments the times when we appreciate everything that has shaped us, made us happy.

Our hearts racing  our mind spinning there is no time when we are more in the moment.

We don’t know what’s ahead and we appreciate What has past. To live theese moments this is when we are truly alive.

Where each time you inhale brings you the next moment instead of your next breath.

It’s almost been an entire year since I left Australia it’s been an emotional transformative experience.

Having just landed in Brazil I am overcome with happiness for the life I have been able to live this year.

My journey is far from over but I have this insatiable erge to thank all those people important to me. All the people I’ve met, the ones who worry about me back home. The strangers I’ll never see again and the ones who are waiting for me.

I’m definitely feeling the love what a welcome to Brazil!

“Some people are so poor all they have is money” – Jack Kerouac


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