Experience the Beautiful


How is it that there is beauty in both the ecstasy and the melancholy of human experience? In the passion of love and in the passion of pain. What is beauty but an experience of intensity in highs and lows?

We can appreciate the beauty of life but we sometimes fail to see when life gets in the way of living. We can attempt to create a life of security, to fall comfortably into the delusion of certainty, in an effort to protect ourselves from the low points in life experience. But in doing so, we deny ourselves the full magic of living, the inexplicable moments of happiness that can turn despair into ecstasy and allow our soul to grow.

When we are living, truly living, we embrace uncertainty because we only ever have control of our decisions and that is what guides us, causes us to make mistakes; yet can create an experience of pure beauty. Beauty that does not discriminate and the lessons you choose to learn when you fall down are often the most profound examples of what is beautiful.

Love is irrational. We know that it is finite, that at any moment we could lose it but when we are in love eternity exists. That beautiful moment when you are in the arms of the person you love, reality around you dissolves, the moment turns to infinity, you are alive. Until the moment ends and infinity is taken from you. Although you know that moment exists. You know that even though you are not now living it, that moment, that memory is infinite. You feel despair that it is over but you would not trade the memory for the world. You have experienced beauty in every sense.

I have experienced love in an hour, been in love for a week and in love for years, each was beautiful and those memories are infinite, a part of me. We need to be vulnerable in life so that we may live, we need the courage to love, the courage to live and the courage to reveal our entire soul to another. After all it is humanity that we all crave, an experience so unique and intense its warmth is felt universally. To share with anyone or anything the magnificence of a moment of life, to just simply feel, that is beauty.


“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.” – William Blake


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