Is the Impossible Possible?

484998_10152627447530154_1927930923_nI think it is interesting this idea of impossible. Why should anything be impossible, it seems impossible that impossibility exists. A man on the moon would seem impossible to the ancestor looking up to the sky from his cave at the vast unexplainable impossible night sky. Impossible is the space between uncertainty and understanding. Impossible is temporary.

Before 1954 the four minute mile was considered a physical impossibility, yet Roger Bannister not content with impossible was able to do it in 3 minutes 59 seconds. It took just 46 days for the record to be broken again by another runner, now it is standard. Henry Ford once said “the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he cannot… are both correct.” Bannister believed he could and the others believed it was impossible yet Bannister was able to succeed. Because, Impossible holds us back.

The everyday person who believes they cannot achieve, cannot reach their goals or cannot be the person they want to be is correct. They cannot. How can they if their attitude is to not even try, mediocrity only ever gives birth to mediocrity. If you keep on the same pattern, the comfortable familiarity of existence, how can you expect something drastic to change? To interrupt your pattern and fling yourself into what you want to be, without consciously making a decision to change is insanity. Because, Impossible is a choice.

Everything that was ever created started in our minds, everything that ever was, was conceived in our head and the condensation of those thoughts materialised into the world we see today. Someone had to envision that chair you’re sitting on or that screen your looking through and from the vision a reality was extruded into the form of that tangible object. We started with a blank slate and from it we created the impossible. The impossibility of the car or the plane that takes us to places we could of never known in the past. Archives of the total of all human information is accessible for free on the internet. The effortless telepathy of mobile communication that allows us to use languages. Languages that allow us to express emotions, feelings and experiences with each other, that in turn enable us to grow and learn. Because Impossible has never stopped us before.

Even if you believe in the impossible, even if you truly believe you cannot be your best, what are you settling on? Would time not be better spent trying to be the person you want to be, the person you are. Rather than accepting a life that is a lie, not what you want, not who you are. There is no such thing as certainty, and the illusion of security and comfort you create can come crashing down around you in an instant, through death, in loss, or in life. So, why not try for the stars, instead of settling for the earth? Because even if the impossible never happens at least for a moment you might fly.


Being here in Bogota with the opportunities that lie in front of me, with what seemed impossible, a dream, a year ago is a reality for me now. I enjoy life, I can find happiness in life’s moments and appreciate it at as a whole. Because if you are honest with yourself, absolutely your authentic self you can live life happily trying to catch up with the impossible.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr Seuss.

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