Why You Should Watch The Culture High!

Almost two years ago I contributed to a KickStarter project to help fund a movie I personally felt needed to be made. It was a story about marijuana prohibition and the effects the war on drugs has had on the world and our culture.

A few days ago I received my download code from the creators of The Culture High and after watching it once I can’t get the movie and its message out of my mind. Feelings of anger, hope, shock, inspiration and a sense of pride, for having helped in some small way to get this movie made, have been all I can focus on as I travel through Mexico.

This blog is definitely not a place for movie reviews but this movie really inspired me and I thought its message was so important that I had to share it with the world. The Culture High asks questions that need to be asked.

Why does The United States have 25% of he worlds prisoners of which the majority are non violent drug offenders?

Why do governments around the world spend billions of dollars fighting a “war” on their own citizens while education and health care gets left behind?

Why do governments make medicine illegal to countless patients suffering from serious illness ranging from chronic seizures to cancer?

Why do we put up with it?

This is not a film about why you should smoke cannabis, it is not about promoting drug use, it is not even really about Marijuana prohibition. The Culture High is  a moving, informative and mind opening experience that in essence is really about addressing a sickness in our culture. I’m not afraid to say I cried watching this and I cannot recommend it enough. So please do yourself a favour how ever you can manage it to watch this movie!


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