Canyons, Deserts and Austin

Grand Canyon GoPro

This world just keeps getting smaller it sounds cliché, well maybe it is, but I just can’t help but feel that way. As I bounce around the USA from car to car covering hundreds of miles at a time I watch as towns, cities, landmarks and the great lands of the United States zoom past through a car window. It’s exhilarating!

Since San Diego I have spent the days speeding through the sweltering deserts of southern and Middle America in a ride share with a girl heading to New Orleans and a Black Labrador puppy.

Dog Road Trip

Our first stop was Phoenix, Arizona all I can say about Phoenix was great tacos and unbearable heat, suffice to say we did not stay long. After dropping of one of passengers we found a camp site just outside the city and slept under the stars, it was too hot for tents.

The following morning we woke early to head for Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although, none of us had seen the Grand Canyon so we decided to take a slight detour and head straight for the canyon.

Grand Canyon stunning

Wow what a breathtaking experience we walked out towards the observation point and into the canyon that seemed to stretch on forever on either side. The enormity of the rock formations made it look as if we were standing in front of a giant billboard.

We followed the path as condors glided above us until we reached a rocky walk way that went all the way to the edge with no barrier. We had to check it out. We made our way out, the sense of vertigo growing within all of us until we were inches from the edge.

Grand Canyon sitting

We just sat there and took in the natural beauty as we stared down at the tiny stream that was the Colorado River. It didn’t make sense that something seemingly so small in comparison had carved out this enormous road for itself.

We left feeling humbled and headed straight for Albuquerque. Arriving late at night we managed to secure a couch through couch surfing right across the road from where they filmed the TV show Breaking Bad.

There were a few Breaking Bad fans among us so we checked out a few of the iconic sites from the show before heading for Texas.

walter whites rv

We arrived in Austin that night exhausted it only took a couple of margaritas to send us to bed.

My friends left for New Orleans that morning and it was time for me to explore Austin. As I’ve been traveling the United States I always ask the people I meet where I should go next. Almost every person I’d asked had told me I would love Austin.

They weren’t wrong!

pet Giant Tortoise

Making Friends in Austin

Austin is somewhat of an anomaly in Texas a town of music film art and liberalism in an ocean of ultra-conservatism. They certainly don’t fit the southern stereotype although that may also be because almost everyone in Austin is not actually from Austin.

But they have definitely got the famed southern hospitality people are polite and think nothing of stopping you for a chat in the street. I never felt anything but welcomed when I was in Austin.


Getting Cryotherapy brrr!

There are literally countless things to do You can try some Texas barbecue with some of the best spots in the country. You can enjoy a film with restaurant quality food and wine at the Alamo Theater Although they take their movies seriously and won’t hesitate to throw you out if you disrupt the film. Maybe paddle boarding or tubing is more for you, you can take a few beers, if you want, for the ride as well as long as they’re not glass. Why not try getting frozen at Austin’s Cryotherapy studio. Three minutes at temperatures of -172 degrees Celsius could help you recover from or prepare for a night on Sixth street. Austin is your weird and diverse oyster.

Austin was a refreshing mix of weirdness and freethinking I won’t forget my time there. I met incredible and generous people who reminded me that life is about experience. My stomach is full of barbecue and my heart is full of happiness Austin I’ll definitely be back.

So keep Austin Weird for me!


“Where’s your will to be weird?” – Jim Morrison


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