New York, Now I Can Make it Anywhere

20140616_143859New York, New freaking York what can I really say, I never expected to be here in this stage of life and it has made quite an impression. Honestly, though I was not expecting the culture shock I would get from America, and the land of the almighty dollar.

Part of me wants to proclaim it the greatest city in the world, the modern Babylon a testament to human achievement, and in many ways it is. A city that never sleep,s a beautiful, diverse, quirky metropolis where there is a place for anything and everything.


Americans are some of the nicest people I have ever met, Often going far out of their way to help a stranger out. There is ignorance here and there but most are eager to rectify that ignorance and are always interested to learn more about other cultures.

This is a far cry from the stereotypical dumb ignorant patriotic American image that most Americans cop around the world. I found people genuinely interested in where I had come from and appropriately shocked when I would say their small was too big and their bread was too sugary.


But the city is not without problems mostly ideological there is an almost religious devotion to consumerism, and it is sad to see the independent stores be replaced with franchises, you can’t even get a coffee that is not Starbucks.. I can’t quite put my finger on it but the constant stream of misinformation and advertising to me is so obviously confronting  but to the average American a part of everyday life. It is frustrating because most Americans really do want to learn about the rest of the world, but are hindered by insular, and claustrophobic advertising and dramatizations masquerading  as news.


I feel uncomfortable in most stores with the scripted responses from the employees it is almost a disease of standardization, the routine and sterility of everything just goes against my nature. I prefer the chaos and unpredictability. However, it appears that for the most part Americans are very comfortable with life the way it is and quite happy in general.


But in all HonestyI have had a blast I could live in New York easily at least for an extended period of time and If I had the money to do so. There is so much to do and in my week there I did not cover anywhere close to half of the things I wanted to do.

I drank beers in a dive bar in Brooklyn. Road ancient roller coasters and ate famous hot dogs in Coney Island. I achieved a lifelong goal of seeing Lion King on Broadway. I Saw Times Square, Central Park, Ground Zero, The Empire State Building, museums,  and Greenwich Village (The local hangs of poets and musicians such as Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas). I ate like a king and became an expert Subway traveller and I only scratched the surface.


I met incredible people and I experienced some truly unique experiences it is impossible to not have fun in New York, seriously. Think of something, anything and there is a place for it. In New York there is something for everybody and a lot of what happens in the world happens there first.


It is definitely a city I have unfinished business with and somewhere I hope I get to visit again sooner rather than later. Right now I am staying in a lovely house a few hours North of Boston in Woodstock, Vermont currently on a road trip with two crazy Danish guys heading to Canada. I apologise for the delay in posts as we have not had much luck whilst on the road this past week with accommodation and internet, but I promise much more updates in the future.



Also I Just Bought a GoPro so expect some exciting new pictures and videos in the future!




“Consumerism is at once the engine of America and simultaneously one of the most revealing indicators of our collective shallowness.” – Henry Rollins


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