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Making new friends and missing the ones not with me, I have been having the time of my life sharing this human experience with others. One friend in particular made me so happy and proud for the people I have met and shared a connection in this world. Today is the launch of my friends new blog “Adventuring Home” (check it out here) a blog she has spent months preparing and a lifetime gathering her positive outlook on spirituality, life and well-being. I cannot wait to join the rest of the world in sharing in her message.


This feeling of pride in my friends reminded me again of something even more important. A few weeks back a group of us were high in a hostel in deep discussion and one friend, a friend from home told the group something incredibly profound.


He told us simply and truthfully that his proudest achievement in life were his friends. The group of people he had by chance met and created a bond, an outlook with, whom he called friends and they him. A group of individuals who he respected, who made him laugh, cry and everything in between, pure love. I just thought that this deep reflection on his own life was one so incredibly beautiful, to be able to confidently say that simple statement. It was humbling to hear. One of the simplest, most obvious and truly beautiful reminders of what is really important in life.

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The intangible has such an incredible ability to affect us so deeply and profoundly, and in the end the only thing that makes us happy is intangible. Friendship, love, experience you cannot bottle it, store it or keep it for latter you have to live it. Live it, and you will grow stronger, happier, a better human being. We have a tendency to believe that we need something tangible to prove to ourselves and others that we are happy, but what makes us truly happy is found inside and cannot be taken from us.


I like to talk about experience, how experience is the key to become better human beings. Although, I am starting to realise that experience shared is infinitely more enjoyable and beneficial. After all we are all stuck in this crazy universe, experiencing together. Like my friend, I too am proud beyond measure for the people in my life who so graciously call me their friend. My friends from the past, the ones back home, the ones met travelling and my newest friends in Bogota, I love them all. They continue to help me grow and become a better person and so thank you to all my friends.


“Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” – Muhammad Ali.

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