Solace in Martial Arts


Exactly two week remain until my adventure begins when i’ll have my bags packed my white belt folded away and will be ready to take on an adventure of a life time. I have been finalising a lot of things for my trip,  trying to take in as much as i can in my last few days of training. Unfortunately I have been plagued by injury  with a sprained ankle and a missing toe nail after one of my Muay Thai sessions last week. Sorry if the image below makes you a bit uneasy.


But it hasn’t all been misery and injury i had the pleasure of going to the UFC in Brisbane on the weekend. There were a lot of good fights in particular the main event between Australian Mark Hunt and the Brazilian Antonio “Big foot” Silva. A fight which some are calling the greatest heavy weight fight in UFC and even MMA history, a big call but it’s was hard to argue with the sheer heart displayed by both fighters.

The crowd was certainly interesting it was a testament to the sheer diversity of MMA enthusiasts. There were the good and unfortunately quite a lot of bad  But apart from the majority of the crowd being drunk at 10am in the morning everyone was well behaved.

It was such a thrill being at a live event and as a martial artist myself i hope that the sport continues to grow. People have a tendency to misunderstand martial arts as a blood sport. The fact is martial arts teaches discipline and respect it gives you a better feeling for this body that you inhabit. It enables you to exercise the animal inside of us that we all try so desperately hard to believe does not exist; and therefore get in touch with our self. To me it is a major part of my life and like anything that has been misunderstood in the past i hope that people will choose to understand rather than fear.

“The closer to the true way of martial arts, the less wastage of expression there is.” – Bruce Lee

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