Understanding comes before humility


Just under four weeks before I leave Australia and trying to get as much packed into them as I can, catching up with friends, saying goodbye to friends and visiting some of my favourite places in Australia. The nerves are starting to build as I work my way through the list of things I need to see and get done before I leave. But I am still excited as ever.

Saturday Night was very interesting I went to a psychedelic BYO Warehouse party, needless to say it was unlike anything I’ve seen before. The live bands were very heavily influenced by the 60’s/ 70’s progressive and psychedelic rock and backed up by an incredible light show and of course a smoke machine. Some friends and I took some LSD and embarked on a journey that didn’t finish until 4am the next morning.


I would liken what I saw to those documentaries you see on underground rave parties in London it was an incredible night. What impressed me the most was despite the drug taking, and alcohol binging there was not one fight or even misunderstanding. The place was full of an atmosphere of love and each person accepted that the other was having a good time and just let it be.

Like with any psychedelic experience it is my goal to ultimately learn from them, to use them as teachers and trainers for the mind so I can transfer that unique and positive perspective into my everyday life.

“Looking into this crowd of incredibly diverse people I realised no one is distinguishable from a crowd of a thousand. There is no secret to deciphering who deserves to be labelled important or not by looks alone. We spend our whole life trying to justify to ourselves, that we are not important enough to be what we want to be. Yet if you take a person you admire and place them in a crowd they disappear they become the crowd. What separates those who succeed is outlook instead of being content with fear and doubt of not being what they want to be, they seek to understand how. Outlook and knowledge are internal it is inwards we need to look to better ourselves not outward.”

On Sunday I visited one of my absolute favourite places in the world, the greatest town certainly on the East Cost of Australia in my opinion Byron Bay. It will be my last time there for quite a while but as always I enjoyed  my time, if you ever come to Australia it is defiantly a must visit.

After relaxing and recovering in Byron I felt more at peace with my decision to leave home, I am going to miss it but adventure is calling. Finally I wanted to leave a link to one final video I that I think sums up my view of the world and rang really true with me this week end. Its an exert of Richard Feyman and his own beliefs on Beauty.

 “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie


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